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bluecowboys was founded by Erika Wilson and Steve Fontaine as a collaborative recording project which quickly took flight from the very first song. The response to the material was so strong that they decided to take things to next logical stage and began to perform the songs live.
The organic and intimate nature of the songs required players with the proper combination of talent, intuition and desire to welcome the work and make it their own. Needless to say, after teaming up with Heather Ferguseon and Mark Nilsen they knew that bluecowboys was now an entity that had a life of its own!
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Steve is originally from Newport RI where he devoted his life to music at an early age. He played in New England clubs from Boston to Connecticut and ran his own recording studio. Now an 8 year vet of NYC, Steve has been busy producing songs for upcoming artists and most certainly has left his thumbprint on bluecowboys in the studio and on stage as well.
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Heather began playing drums at the age of 16 In Canada experimenting with local rock and funk bands. Once in NYC she began studying at the "Drummer's Collective" and The famous "Jazz Mobile" and quickly became very active with local bands. Heather's unique energy on stage commands attention! A top shelf player who's lots of fun to watch and very much a part of the bluecowboys signature!
Mark guitar

Mark Nilsen, a limber and versatile guitarist adds his unique sound to the band and you could say he is the blue in bluecowboys! Drawing from his midwestern roots, you can actually visualize rolling wheat fields and endless blue skies in the soaring melodies of his guitar work.

Being from Los Angeles, Erika rounds out bluecowboys' geographical diversity. She also rounds out their musical diversity with her unique musical perspective and her ability to transform wonderful ideas into enchanting songs. More than just a poet - her voice and innocent style sound familiar yet brand new and is the binding thread in the fabric of bluecowboys.
bluecowboys self released debut CD "day into night" has been well received and has been selling consistently at their shows and they are currently working on their second release. If you would like a copy you can contact them via e-mail at :
Their video "Tower Green" was premiered at a party thrown by the international Italian clothes designer Mariucia Mandelli at KRIZIA, her NY boutique on Madison Ave.
The video was announced by Robin Dorien of VH-1 who endorsed the video and is a big fan of the band. The band has been performing around NYC and can usually be seen at ARLENE GROCERY (