Welcome to the
Den of Thieves!

    A rhythm heavy, rock steady,
New York City band . They formed
early in 1995 and blend a fortified
mix of psychedelic soul, with a
groovy grind.

    Harry "Haz" Johnston (center),
lead vocalist and guitarist, hooked
up with Andrea Sicco (right), lead
guitarist from Italy. The two forge a
strong songwriting, vocal guitar

    The sound was later strength-
ened with the non-stop groove of
bassist Vinnie Martone (left) and
                       drummer Giovanni Fusco (not pictured...)

    Old drummer Joe "Ratzo"
Rizzo, bassist Milton Jones and
Rick Ramos on keyboards also
contributed to the CD.

Experience the
unique sound and

Driven by
            the "Thieves" passion, their soulful
            urgency pours out of every note!

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