This weight is heavy, on my mind, I might not make it back, no not this time. I've been drifting and tripping,
now Iım slipping. Iıve got to be alone but I hate the isolation, got to be inside but I need the separation...
Got a bulletproof heart, and a teflon soul... I wonıt let you in again, I won't give you control!
You don't give a damn, so what's the difference!? Well, time is blind this time, and love is indifferent...
I've got to be alone but I hate the isolation, got to be inside but I need the separation...

Yes, this vacuum does consume and there is so much left to do, my precious pretty one, yes all my thoughts
rush back to you...Is your obsession just like mine..!!?? Glowing sparks that ignite in time... Just run to me.
Why don't you come and see? Don't try to drag this out, because I know what you're about, yeah...
In this fabulous friction, there is only you and me... Such a cruel addiction, all you've got to do is believe...
When you are staring in a mirror, in the bathroom of your mind, wash away your darkest fears because you
don't know what you'll find...Just run to me...

Crimson kisses below the azure sky, no need to wonder why... Intoxicated by lily's in bloom, so aroused by your
sweet perfume. Breathless by the river bank we arrive, just hold on, I want to sing you this LULLABYE... Rain
drops turn to waterfalls as the wine flows from the vine; steeple chasing carousels, so hungry for what I find.
Sugar plums a sweet surprise, hold on baby I got to sing you this LULLABYE...

Should've known the girl was freaky by the fire in her eyes, she had black velvet wrapped around now but tight
on the side. You said this jam was slammin' but do you want to make some noise...?! Took me back to your
shack and showed me your favorite toys... Licked your lips when it started to mouth went dry when I
saw what it was...
Had your head thrown back, legs were crossed at the knees; such a sweet addiction to your
lovely disease... I started struggling, staggering, I heard you moan and groan, then my vision went blurry when
you knocked off the phone!!! Licked your lips when it started to mouth went dry when I saw what it

You say that I'm lost now that you found God, now your golden calf is living high on the hog pressing down on
you with a twisted mythology, so you are deaf dumb and blind and the truth is so hard to see...Come on let's
make this real, face to face, there is no need to fear. This is no religion, baby. Three kisses for one of your
visions... You are preparing yourself for this big sexless summer. You are preparing yourself for your big brand
new world..!!
You buried your faith in a place that has no escape. You are the glassy eyed believer and now you
are caught in the wake. So you follow the one with golden hands, till your days pass you by like grains of sand.
Come on...

This indecision wrapped in it's inhibition and thinkful wishing on the road to your sacred mission. But trust turn to rust, just another nail between us. And why I can't see, you make it harder than it has to be. This nights are so cold and I got no one to hold and my window pane is shaking and my body is aching. BRAKE OUT! from this undertow. Just let me love you baby, down to your soul... These empty spaces & hidden places and strange faces that I don't know. But do you love me!!! Don't you want me!? Are you thinking about me? I gotta know! Are your nights oh so cold, do you have someone to hold when your window pane is shaking, is your body aching...??

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