The Dublin Brewing Company is Dublin's second biggest brewery. A craft brewery, it was established in 1996 and is based in the Smithfield area of the city. It freshly brews four beers (D'Arcy's Dublin Stout, Beckett's Dublin Beer, Maeve's Crystal Beer and Revolution Red Beer) from all natural products and without the use of additives and preservatives. The draught versions of the beers are not pasteurised. All Dublin Brewing Company beers have a distinctive fresh, clean and robust character.

Read the fascinating History of Brewing in Ireland and how one brewery came to monopolize brewing in Ireland.

In our DBC in the News section, you can read about the development of the Dublin Brewing Company and our involvement in social issues from “Brewery rallies to save a Church” to our sponsorship of Soccer Against Racism in Ireland. Also stories on the all conquering D'Arcy's from Ireland to Sweden the best stout in the world.

If you want to know where to find our beer on draught or in bottles, check Where to find the beer. If it's not available in your neck of the woods, then demand it!

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