Established in 1696, Incorporated in 1996
Dublin Brewing Company, Irish Brewing Company, The Porterhouse Brewing Company
Celtic Brewing Company, Dwan's Brewery, Bar & Restaurant, Carlow Craft Brewers,
Biddy Early's Brewpub, The Franciscan Well Microbrewery, The Balbriggan Brewing Company
21 October 1696 Whitehall, London
Copy of Order in Council.

Present (attending): The King (Charles II), the Duke of York, Prince Rupert, the Archbishop of Canterbury and 19 other Privy Councillors.

The King to the Lord Lieutenant for Incorporating the Brewers of Dublin:

“ There are in or about our city of Dublin and the suburbs, liberties and two miles of the same, very many persons of the trade or mystery of brewers who might be better ordered and governed, and ale and beer to sell may be better and wholesomer boiled and brewed, if the said persons of the said trade or mystery of brewing were incorporated and subject to the view, search and correction of men well skilled in the said trade or mystery that are best able to discern the abuses of the same and cannot, being so many and so great in number, be well regulated and governed without reasonable and convenient orders, constitutions and ordinances to be made and set down concerning the said art or mystery, nor any such orders, constitutions and ordinances can be duly executed and put in force without governors and persons that may have authority to execute the same.”

Monday 21st of October 1996, 3pm.
Dublin 1996
We, the Brewers and Malsters Guild of Ireland, being persons engaged in the trade or mystery of brewing on the 300th anniversary of the original founding of the the Brewers and Malsters Guild present herein, certain beliefs we hold to be true. These beliefs constitute our charter and as such, all members of our alliance agree to adhere to and actively encourage others to support such beliefs.

We believe:

i) Beer is fundamental to our culture. It is historically, both in our society and in others, a staple dietary element.

ii) In its pure form, beer is a healthful beverage when consumed in moderation. It is the least potent of all alcoholic beverages, less than half as strong as wine and about one eighth the strength of most spirits. Beer, like bread, can be considered an accessible, easily digested, wholesome source of energy and nutrition. In addition, beer is a rich source of most of the B-vitamins.

iii) The best quality of beer is produced from pure water, cereal grains, both malted and unmalted, yeast and hops. Certain specialty beers contain other sources of flavour and fermentables. Most notably, the best quality of beer is not produced by supplementation of the natural process with any of the following:

a) Added preservatives and antioxidants - ie. sulphites, ascorbates, benzoates, pyrocarbonates.
b) Industrial enzymes - ie. amyloglucosidase (glucamylase), beta-lucanase, alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase.
c) Foam enhancers/stabilisers - ie. alginates, gums.
d) Sweeteners, viscosity enhancers - ie. glycerol.

iv) Beer is a perishable commodity which is sensitive to environmental conditions. Beer should be protected from extremes of light and temperature. Most beers are designed to be drunk fresh. The best quality beers are unpasteurised to preserve the delicacy of flavours and also the nutritional components therein.

v) Honest education, at all levels, about the use, historical context, danger of abuse, physiological and psychological effects of beer and other alcoholic beverages is the best defence against the tragic misuse or abuse of alcohol by the youth and other segments of our culture. We believe that as producers, we have an obligation to make every effort to assist in this education process.

vi) Honesty in all elements of public interaction is critical in the creation of a healthy industry with long term stability and public acceptance. “Lifestyle” advertising and other forms of marketing imagery which fail to focus on the product itself will undermine our charter. The “image” we need to create rests primarily on our quality of product and our desire to serve the best interests of our consumers.

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