• The TabulaTable (Winer Diner™) table is made with wood from sustainable managed forests. The softwood is from Sweden and can be pressure-treated, and the hardwood is eucalyptus from Brazil (currently); they are both plantation grown.

• The most visible difference with this table, is that it has three legs, which makes it stable on surfaces which are not always absolutely level.

• There are three long sides, which have the legs and seats attached, and there are three short sides with no restrictions from the table to the ground. Thereby giving access to wheelchairs, highchairs, armchairs etc.

• Because the top is a fairly universal table height, all other seating, when presented, can be used comfortably and safely.

• The average weight, has been given as 110kgs, which apart from looking solid and substantial, really is robust enough to cope with a lot of continuous public use.

• This table can easily be fixed to the ground with purpose-built brackets for security purposes, and we advise that this is done in all areas that the public have access to.

• It is built to stringent specifications, so every table is as identical as any product can be, when it is made by hand.

• Each top has approximately 200 yellow passivated screws to keep the components truly fitted together. The wood does not have a chance to warp and therefore keeps it’s looks as well as it’s working surface.

• The brackets are hot-dipped galvanised, or zinc-plated depending what model you buy. The bolts can be stainless steel if required, but would normally be zinc-plated steel.

• The complete structure, then, would be unlikely to fall apart, or be discoloured due to rust, and we give a ten year guarantee against rot and decay.

• The timber section used is 4" x 1 _" for both the top rails and the battens, which makes the whole table very strong.

• Advantages over plastic furniture. Timber is a sustainable and renewable resource, which plastic is not. Plastic deteriorates on exposure to
UV, becoming progressively weaker with age. Plastic does not look good in a non-urban environment.

• Advantages over steel furniture. Steel rusts, so it has to have a protective coating. If this is compromised, the metal will rust. For example, powder coating, which is a common treatment for steel, is very good, unless it is penetrated. The exposed area will rust, and the corrosion will spread under the remaining coating, causing it to flake off.

• The Winer Diner ™ is manufactured in the UK. This ensures a fastidious attention to detail and quality.

• The TabulaTable (Winer Diner™) has won UK awards for all the above recommendations, but principally for the disabled access.
In 1997 at the Garden & Leisure Exhibition (GLEE) at the NEC in Birmingham, the Winer Diner ™ won the first place in the Outdoor Living Section. In 1998 the same table won the prestigious first place at the Garden Industry Manufacturers Association (GIMA) Awards.

• The client list reads as a "who’s who" of top UK placements. There are Winer Diner ™ tables at Wimbledon (the tennis championship home), the National Trust and English Heritage – both highly regarded national institutions looking after the country’s heritage. More tables are at major breweries throughout the UK, as well as hotels, public parks, schools, universities etc. So far, we have delivered over 3000 tables, with NO returns!