Johnson Hall State Park, Oct.1st 2002.
This is the only design which seats three wheelchair users and six pedestrians. Triangular in design, the wheelchair users can seat facing each other and converse with ease. Tabula Tables are more stable, enduring and practical than the traditional A-frame picnic table. They are environmentally friendly, being crafted from sustainable, termite-resistant Brazilian Eucalyptus.
The Tabula Table has won UK awards for design. In 1997 at the Garden & Leisure Exhibition (GLEE) at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, the Tabula Table won the Best New Product award in the Outdoor Living Section. In 1998 the prestigious first place at the Garden Industry Manufacturers Association (GIMA) Awards.
We have installed 3000 tables in the UK, with no returns. There are Tabula Tables at Wimbledon, the National Trust, English Heritage, at pubs, hotels, parks, schools and universities throughout the UK. The Special Olympics, being held in June 2003 in Ireland, requested our tables. We are planning the launch of these tables in the United States. The NY & NJ State Parks Department, has expressed interest.