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Villa Gugliemesca
Cortona, Tuscany
917 686 6205

10 kilometers from Cortona, the locale for the bestselling book "Under the Tuscan Sun", in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany.
The villa is situated on 55 acres of forested land. The main villa is three stories tall and is approximately 17,222 sq. ft. The ground floor has 17 rooms of various sizes that is used for different purposes such as kitchen, living rooms, halls, warehouses and service. The second floor has 11 bedrooms with bathrooms and 5 terraces that measure 1162 sq. ft. The third floor has 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and an additional terrace. The rural building is 2690 sq. ft. is made of local stones. A project has been approved for the renovation of this property.

$1.2 million USD
917 686 6205