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Villa il Pantano
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A spectacular medieval villa, located in Castel del Piano, only 7 km from Perugia. It is ideally situated near the most important historic and cultural sites of Umbria and Tuscany. The property consists of 760,000 sq ft, 2/3 agricultural. 19,000 sq. ft of the property can be used as a residence or as resort or developed with buildings.
Sale Price: $2.5 million
The buildings date from 1300-1700 ad. Constructed in the style a medieval hamlet, features a church with 3 separate entrances. The Main Villa features 3 floors and is situated in 47,500sq.ft. with a swimming pool and a park.
This connects to a medieval tower with 2 floors.
The Lemon Yard located near the border of the park is equipped with a car shed.