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Island Tourist Village
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Tourism Village for Sale The village is the axis of this property. It has four former farmhouses that have been transformed into furnished residential houses. Perfect for tourism! The main villa has been converted into a small hotel of 14 bedrooms. In addition, there are also 13 houses that have been transformed into 18 apartments. There are also other buildings available for independent residency. There are phones and an intercom system in place. The complex has two restaurants: one in the center of town and one on the beach! The village is situated on a plateau that is 280 meters above sea level. There are multiple inlets, bays and beaches that extends 7.5 miles down the coastline. Private roads run down to the beach.
There are three tennis courts, two swimming pools, a golf course, a pitching green and a practice field. There is also a volleyball court, a meeting center with a bar, horseback riding, and an obstacle course and a club house. Financing: Mortgages can be arranged for around $1.4 million USD in part at a going rate or 4.5% tax.

$12 Million USD
917 686 6205