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Tre Villa
Amalfi Coast

The three villas or "Tre Ville" are located directly above the Tyrenean Sea on 4 acres of lush orchards, gardens, and terraces on different levels. Each one has it's own unique style, charm, and fabulous views. A partial list of some of it's illustrious guests are Pablo Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck, and Valentino.

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Villa Bianca: This is the main villa. It has a reception room, study,cellar, and many terraces. There are cultivable gardens with a jacuzzi and plunging pool. There is a waterfall with a rocky area just suitable for sunbathing, docking your boat and entertaining your guests. Garage.

Villa Azzura:
This is a rare architectural example built after the Neopolitan style of the 17th century

Villa Rosso:
17th century with 2 levels featuring dramatic views. Two kingsize bedrooms with access to private terrace.

$10 million USD

917 686 6205