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Brazilian music came into it’s own in the 90s, becoming one of the most respected forms of music in the world. In September 1995 the famous composers Vitor Martins and Ivan Lins took there partnership of 25 years to the next level and and along with the prolific producer Paulinho Albuquerque, created Velas Records.

With a clear and focused mission Velas moved forward producing the highest quality of Brazilian music for the people of Brazil. Never before has a record company showed such commitment and integrity by delivering well over 200 titles, mostly Brazilian Popular Music.

Since it’s creation Velas has consistenly demanded the highest standards in the industry from the process of selecting the finest artists all the way through to the production of the finished discs. Soon the Velas catalog expanded internationally to include some of the biggest names in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). The Catalog includes titiles by Ivan Lins, Edu Lobo, Zizi Possi, Leny Andrade, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Paulo Moura, Flavio Venturini, the Batacoto group and Beth Carvalho Dominguinhos, Tavinho Moura, Pena Branca & Xavantinho, 14 Bis, Vania Bastos, Selma Reis, Fatima Guedes, Klébi and the Bahia’s composer Roberto Mendes, among others, also came to enlarge the Velas team.

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Velas has much talent and experience in discovering new talents of different musical styles.
  • Instrumental: the composer Guinga, stated by critiques as one of the great revelations of the decade;
  • BPM: the composers Chico César and Adil Tiscatti, the singers Rita Ribeiro, Belô Velloso, Vânia Abreu, and more recently, Cláudio Lins, following the steps of his father, Ivan Lins;
  • MPB / Bossa Nova: the Quarteto Jobim Morelenbaum, have dedicated themselves to Tom Jobim's repertory;
  • Samba of Roots (samba de raiz): the group Toque de Prima, and the singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro Dunga and Luizinho SP.

According to both critics and public opinion, Velas Records has proved to be one of the leading record companies of Brazil and consistently wins top music awards of the industry.

Velas has also opened new doors for Brazilian Popular Music with releases like from the romantic singer Altemar Jr.; the country singer (sertaneja) Nalva Aguiar and the group Conexão Sertaneja. They are authentic Brazilian country releases by Zé Mulato & Cassiano; and "forró" by Edigar Mão Branca, André & Mazinho, Ito Moreno and Waldonys, among others.

In addition to having a large catalog of titles of very prestigious Brazilian artists Velas Records also has a most impressive catalog of Cuba’s new breed of Cuban Jazz. Incredible pianist Roberto Carcassés and modern artist X Alfonso, are causing their own tropical heat waves in Cuba. Velas also boasts some of the older recordings of the stars of the now world famous "Buena Vista Social Club."

As the new millennium opens the gateway to the 21st century,the largest independent record company in Brazil, Velas Records launches it’s Velas Records USA office. Velas will introduce its groundbreaking divisions Velas Brazil and Velas Cuba with many upcoming releases that feature a musical palette of titles from Brazil and Cuba. Thus bringing to the USA a new pipeline of some of the best music to come out of Brazil and Cuba in the past decade. The year 2000, promises to be an exciting and colorful musical experience making it Velas 2000 (V2k)

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